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Is It Time for <strong>Diskless</strong> PCs?

Operations Management

Is It Time for Diskless PCs?
After a decade of false starts, it just might be. In addition to reducing operating costs, this technology offers significant advantages.

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Recent Features

Social Network Security

Social networking systems can serve valid business purposes, but they can compromise company confidentiality. Keep your enterprise safe by screening which systems you let through your firewalls.

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Blurring the Borders

Technology makes it easy for employees to bring work home -- and bring home to work. Make sure your policies regarding the use of technology are sensible and protect your company's security.

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Reinforcing WiFi Redundancy

A single point of failure can bring down your wireless network. These eight considerations ensure continuous connections.

Just One Question

Just One Question
Robert Rosen, CIO, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases; past president, SHARE, the IBM user group

Q: What is the most significant server upgrade you've directed?


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Ideas For Results

Network Bandwidth is Still Precious -- Protect It

No matter how fast your network connections are, frivolous use can degrade its capacity for legitimate uses. Install network monitoring tools that can detect unauthorized use.

Eye On IT

How has your budget for IT staff changed over the last 12 months?